Shoot Details

Shoot Name 2017 PITA Grand Pacific
Organization Pacific Intl. Trapshooting Assn. (PITA)
Shoot Dates Sunday, 7/23/2017 - Saturday, 7/29/2017
Presquadding Fee* $5.00 USD per shooter, payable at the shoot
Presquadding Dates
4/10/2017 8:00 AM PT -
7/19/2017 5:00 PM PT
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*Presquadding fees are set by the shoot organization. These fees are not charged by or shared with

Shoot Information


We will be shooting at the Spokane Gun Club this year!

Like in the past we will be squadding straight through, to run as smooth a tournament as possible. We know that there are some squads that like to shoot Singles and/or Doubles together, but yardage issues require different handicap squads. If this is the case just sign up for the events that you can and let me know and I will be able to get you on another squad for the events that were an issue.

Bob McLendon – (509) 216-3033 or

The first Event on Tuesday and Wednesday are 28 Gauge events, please if you are going to shoot these, PreSquad as you would like any other event and we will condense these events before the shoot. If you have any questions or problems, please let us help you. If there are short squads at the end of the presquadding, we will condense to allow for a smoother shoot, so you can check and see if you are of a full squad or not.


Date Event Name Type Start Window
7/23/2017 1 Coon Creek Singles 100 Singles 9:00 AM
7/23/2017 2 Black Diamond Gun Club Handicap 100 Handicap
7/24/2017 3 Dolphin Bank Trucking Doubles 100 Doubles 8:30 AM
7/24/2017 4 Tilden Trophies Handicap 100 Handicap
7/25/2017 5 28 GA Singles 100 Singles 8:30 AM
7/25/2017 6 West Coast Shot Singles 100 Singles
7/25/2017 7 All American Restoration Handicap 100 Handicap
7/26/2017 8 28 GA Doubles 100 Doubles 8:30 AM
7/26/2017 9 White Creek Gunstock Blanks Doubles 100 Doubles
7/26/2017 10 All American Armory Handicap 100 Handicap
7/27/2017 11 First Half Singles Championship 100 Singles 8:30 AM
7/27/2017 12 Trapshooting USA Handicap 100 Handicap
7/28/2017 13 Second Half RIO Singles Championship 100 Singles 8:30 AM
7/28/2017 14 White Flyer Handicap 100 Handicap
7/29/2017 15 Doubles Championship 100 Doubles 8:30 AM
7/29/2017 16 Browning Handicap Championship 100 Handicap

Club Information

Spokane Gun Club
19615 E Sprague Ave
Greenacres, WA 99016